About Nutratix

Nutratix Biotech Sdn Bhd established in 2010 is a research-based company having collaborators with different researchers in local universities. Our products are made from natural plant-base derived ingredients and supported with the clinical studies done by our researchers to provide powerful, effective and preservative-fee products to our customers to enhance their well-being.

Our Farm

To have better control over the plant-base ingredients that we are using, we are investing our business in the farming. The whole process of seeding, farming, growing, harvesting, processing, and extracting are fully done and controlled by our well-trained team in Bertam Putra, Penang. For more information about our fully-owned farm, please Click here

Our Vision & Mission

Vision:To become Malaysia's leading manufacturer of NATURAL Health Supplements & Nutraceuticals products.

Mission:Continue to develop effective & safe-consumption (preservative-free) products to our customers and To develop our OEM business for nutraceutical and plant-based skin care products.